July 26 - City Life in Munich
August 1 - Salzburg and Bad Tolz
August 4 - A description of Vienna
August 8 - Getting food at a Czech grocery store
August 12 - Communism in the Czech Republic
August 21 - What it's like to have your birthday in Russia
August 26 - First Impressions of Istanbul's Culture
August 31 - Impressions of the Acropolis
September 6 - Impressions of the Sistine Chapel
September 14 - The Landscape of Tuscany
September 20 - Frescoes
September 27 - My Impressions of the Medieval Times and its Cities
October 2 - Two of my favorite pieces of artwork in Florence
October 7 - Two of my favorite pieces of artwork in Florence (continued)
October 14 - My impressions of Roussillon, a hilltop village of color
October 25 - The modernistic style of Gaudi in Barcelona
October 27 - My impressions of a hilltop Berber village
November 6 - Final impressions of the first trip, and what I learned from it
January 15 - My feelings at the start of our second trip
January 27 - The Royal Albatross
February 2 - My Impressions of New Zealand
February 10 - Our Experience on the Great Barrier Reef


Note: As of February 10, all of Katie's Komments were included at the end of our daily journals in each country.