August 12… The topic for today is… Communism in the Czech Republic

The theory of Communism originated with the writings of Karl Marx and Lenin in the mid-1800's. Through these theories many societies tried to create a happy and equal way of life for their people. The Communism theory specified that everything would be owned and controlled by the government. In addition it required everyone to get the same income regardless of their type of job or working hours. Communism tried to establish what the government believed to be a classless society. There are many mixed feelings about this theory, and while in the Czech Republic we have heard many opinions on the times of the Communist regime in what was then known as Czechoslovakia.

Under the Communist government everyone in theory would receive an adequate and similar income for their work. The Communists felt this would help people who had low skilled labor jobs get the same opportunities and rights as people who had high skilled labor jobs. They felt this would promote a more peaceful and equal community. In addition under Communism the prices of food and supplies were lower. This is because all of the prices were set by the government at a low rate-this was possible because the people producing the food were paid a small salary. We also heard that during the Communist rule there was less crime and drug abuse. Some people felt this made them safer. While Communism did establish a classless society, unfortunately, it didn't always end up being a peaceful one.

A major problem with Communism was that the government took many opportunities and rights away from the people. Another problem with Communism is that the government used military force to control the people. This involved much violence which completely defeated the original purpose of Communism. In Czechoslovakia this violence included the beating of many innocent students which caused the uprising of the people against the Communist government. They revolted against their violent government with passion but in a peaceful manner. This smooth and peaceful protest later earned its name as the Velvet Revolution.
As you can see, Communism is a very different type of society compared to capitalism in the US. I am really glad I didn't have to live during this period of time in the Czech Republic. The more I read about this government the more I value choice in the US today. Without this quality in my home country I wouldn't be able to accomplish some of my future dreams of being a painter or public speaker. Walking through Prague you just can't imagine such a thing like Communism taking place in this peaceful, touristy, and very commercial city. When you walk through the astounding old town square with its incredible buildings and activity, you just can't imagine mammoth tanks ramming through all the beauty not too long ago. One of the most amazing sights is the view of the enormous National Museum from a distance, the same view from which you can see in pictures of the Velvet Revolution. In these pictures there is not a bit of cobblestone showing-only passionate people. It's amazing to compare the pictures! I think it is fascinating that the people revolting against the government solved violence by using peace. Despite their anger and passion they solved the problem without force.