July 26… The topic for today is… City Life in Munich

We noticed many interesting things about city life in Munich, many of which are different from U.S. city life.


- Many people ride their bikes with children on busy streets - no helmets!
- There are lots of means of transportation ranging from taxis to carriages pulled by professional bicyclists. They looked awesome!
- There are tons of Catholic churches, all different from one another.
- People seem more laid back - no one is in a rush.
- People like to sunbathe in parks nude!
- People spend lots of time at beer gardens, purchasing enormous mugs of beer. We saw some men dancing in traditional German cloths and singing loudly. It was quite the scene!
- The sidewalks and streets are incredibly clean and comfortable to walk on. There are also several trash bins with separate sections for different materials.
- It is a very livable and relatively easy place to live. The people are very kind and helpful.
- There are many different outdoor markets from which people get their food instead of grocery stores. I would love going to one of these for food!
- The population wasn't as diverse as it is in many U.S. cities. We also didn't notice many touristy places or people.

Highlights of the Day:

Katie - Watching the drunk men dance and sing on the tables, going on the paddle boat and attacking the ducks, and going to bed!

Mom - Dancing with Katie to the oompah band in the park, watching the peple ride bikes, and viewing the small villages from the train window.

Steve - Watching people in the beer gardens, walking through the open markets, and walking through the Old City and parks.

David - Watching a movie being filmed in the Marienplatz, and riding the paddle boats.