Friday, June 18

Steve: As part of our own preparation for returning to a life of "normalcy", today was spent doing several activities that none of us have done for basically a whole year. Part of the day was spent taking care of things like laundry and completing the reservations for the rest of our time in South Africa. In addition, we actually went to the movies, shopped in a mall, exercised (Katie and Paula used the treadmill!), and ate pizza. What fun!

We also got together for the last time with our new friend, Hillary. We had another enjoyable conversation with Hillary, and it was interesting to get more local perspective about many of our observations regarding Cape Town. Hillary writes for a local paper, and she showed us an article she wrote earlier this week about the Olympic torch and its time in Cape Town. In the article, Hillary told the story about how we saw the torch being carried while driving back from Hout Bay during our first night here. We all got a big kick out of seeing ourselves mentioned in an international paper!













Tomorrow we'll be leaving Cape Town, driving east along the coast. We'll end up in the town of Oudtshoorn, which calls itself the "Ostrich Capital of the World." We'll be staying on a farm with 3,000 ostriches, which should be fun.













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