December 28, 2002 (Sunday)

Today we drove to another hotel and hired a guide for a rainforest hike. The vegetation in this particular part of the rainforest was very dense, which made it a great place for animals to roam. One of our favorite parts of this hike was going across some shaky cable bridges. We were at the same height as the rest of the creatures living in the canpoy. It was also neat looking down at the fast flowing reiver and people in rafts riding the strong rapids. We encountered many interesting plants and creatures on this hike, including bullet ants, monkey ladders, huge ficus tress, white tent bats and a viper snake. One of our friends (Todd) was next to the viper the whole time, and didn't know it until the guide pointed him out.

After the hike, we ate lunch, and drove to a hotel with a large collection of insects, such as scorpions, butterflies and large beatles. We then came back to our hotel, and the boys planed a game that involved throwing rocks at targets by a river. Then everyone ate dinner together, and we enjoyed an evening of fun and games.

- Katie