" Common Foods and Drinks:
o Tea
o Wine & Beer
o Lamb
o Fish & Chips
o Yorkshire Pudding
o Desserts with custard (instead of ice cream)
o Cheese as a dessert
" Harry Potter facts:
o The first book has a different title in England: Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone
o The book covers are all different (for example, The Order of the Phoenix, is a red cover)
o Drawings of Harry look quite different than in the states
o The books are not numbered on the side like in the states-people don't necessarily have to read them in order
o The cost of the book is less expensive than in the states
" Common Sports:
o Tennis
o Cricket
o Football (what we call soccer)
o Bowling (we call bocce ball)
o Badminton
o Croquet
o Rugby
" The speed limit on most highways is 70mph
" The cars drive on the left side and steering wheels are on the right side of the car
" There are cameras that monitor roadways and there are only certain times you can drive into London (and you must have a ticket to do this). The cameras are used to catch all road violations-speeding, parking, etc.
" Cameras are also used in all stores, businesses and even streets-our friends told us that the average person in London is seen on 160 cameras during a one mile walk in London!
" Helmets are not required-we even saw bikes on the highways and busy streets of London
" Children are allowed to drink wine at home-there is not an age limit