Wednesday, July 23

We spent our last day in Grindelwald outside enjoying the scenery. In the morning, we tried a new activity called "Trottbiking," which is basically coasting down the side of a mountain on a large scooter. The kids really enjoyed this, particularly because it was very easy to generate lots of speed as we headed down the mountain. While we couldn't claim to get much exercise from this kind of riding (if you can call it that), it was fun for a change. We then packed a picnic lunch and took a cable car to Mannlichen. This is the longest cable car in Europe, and the ride took 30 minutes and covered over 6 kilometers. From the top, we got great views of the entire Jungfrau range, including several peaks that weren't visible from our hike yesterday. The kids also enjoyed mingling with a group of cows which seem to hang out out enjoying the view. We hiked to a town called Kleine Scheidegg on a very easy trail (our legs are still tired from yesterday!). From there, we took a train back down to Grindelwald, and had dinner in town before returning to our hotel to pack for our trip to Germany tomorrow. ~Steve

Being in the midst of the great Swiss Alps has been incredible. Everywhere you look are cute little villages with farms and bright green fields. You are always of what's coming, whether it's the smell of cow pies, ringing cow bells, or the soft sound of flowing streams - you're in the breathtaking atmosphere of the Swiss Alps. The spectacular range awakened all of our senses.

I enjoyed the hikes we took here in Grindelwald as well as the ones in the French Alps, but noticed many differences. The thing that really struck me about the French Alps was how magnificent and enormous the mountains were, and the feeling of towering over the world. The thing that struck me about the Swiss Alps was how small and cute the town was, the farms with various animals grazing in the brilliant green fields, and the overll cleanliness of the place. It's hard to say which one I liked more - they were special in their own ways, but I personally liked being in the great French Alps and feeling like I was on the edge of the world. Nothing else out there gives you that free, wonderful feeling. Hiking through this great mountain range was an unforgettable experience I have never had before. You absolutely have to go! ~Katie

Distance Walked: 4.32 miles












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