Friday, June 11

Steve: Other than our flight home on July 2 and 3 (which given the excitement factor shouldn't be all that bad), this was our last real bad travel day of the entire trip. Starting at the Kilimanjaro airport with an 11:15 flight to Dar es Salaam, we traveled for 13 hours before finally landing late at night in Cape Town. Even the first flight was longer than expected, requiring a stop in Zanzibar before making the short twenty minute hop over to Dar es Salaam. From there we flew to Johannesburg, and after a three hour layover finally made our way to Cape Town.

We have no pictures for today (maybe a first?), simply memories of a long day of travel. We will be staying in Cape Town for six or seven days, and as of now have not yet figured out how we'll spend our remaining two weeks here in South Africa. We may decide to take it slowly, not venturing too far from Cape Town, the garden route, and perhaps covering some of the eastern part of the country. We may also decide that we'd like to take in more wildlife viewing, possibly heading all the way to Kruger National Park. We're going to wait to see how we feel after two or three days here in Cape Town.

Tomorrow we'll spend our first day beginning to explore the city (after a good sleep!).













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