Wednesday, May 12

Steve: Today was a free day for us in Cusco, and we took advantage of the extra time to explore some more of the city and also to begin preparing for our upcoming trip to Tanzania. It's hard to believe that we'll be taking off for Africa in less than a week - this part of our journey has always seemed so far away…

We began by visiting the "Inka Museum" which houses an impressive array of Inca artifacts including pottery, tools, and clothing. The kids' favorite part of the museum was the display of Incan mummies - we found them somewhat creepy…

We spent the rest of the morning taking care of some much-needed shopping. This included buying some final souvenirs from Peru and also stocking up on supplies that we'll need in Tanzania. We wanted to take David to the local market (he missed our visit there yesterday due to a bad head cold), and so we did much of our shopping alongside the locals who were there this morning. We also purchased some more gifts that we'll plan on handing out to children and families tomorrow when we head back into the countryside.

Tomorrow we'll be spending our last day with Hilda, who has graciously offered to accompany us again to the small village of Chinchero where we hope to spend more time interacting with local families. We will take public transportation and will probably head to the fields where we perhaps can help some more families with the ongoing potato harvest (one of our favorite activities!). We will also visit Chinchero's Inca ruins.












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