Thursday, July 17 (Our 21st Anniversary!)

Today was a travel day - and a long one at that… We left Amboise around 10AM on our way to Chamonix in the French Alps. We really had no idea of how long this trip would take, but there were no direct routes so we knew it could be long. We stopped for lunch and a quick visit in a small town called Beaune in the heart of France's Burgundy region. The town was very quaint with cobblestone streets and lots of narrow windy roads (similar to what we've seen in other small French villages). There were several wine cellars in town that offered tastings and visits, but unfortunately the timing didn't work out for us to stay. However, we did enjoy walking through the town and taking a break from the road… this looks like a place that would be worth a longer exploration at some point. Once we got close to Geneva, we began to see the mountains and the spectacular scenery. We got great views of Mont Blanc, the highest point in the French Alps at 4,800 meters. The mountains still have snow on them, which is always fun to see in the summer. We arrived at our hotel (The Savoyarde) at 7:30 PM (total of 7 hours of driving), tired and very hungry. Rather than exploring the town this evening, we enjoyed a great dinner at the hotel and got ready for a full day of hiking tomorrow. Tomorrow's journal will have much more to say about Chamonix and the French Alps. ~Steve

Distance Walked: 1.87 miles















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