August 9 - Our Favorite Treats

Throughout the past month we have come to appreciate the simple luxuries that are common in America (and when we're not traveling...). For the last six weeks we have had to cope with difficulties, such as long hot walks, hotels that are hot and have limited space, mysterious food and water, communicating with others who speak little or no English, and constantly moving from country to country. We have come up with a list of special treats that help us during our travels.

Some of our special treats include…

" Cold drinks on a hot day
" Taxi rides (instead of always having to walk…)
" Air conditioning
" Open benches in the shade
" Separate beds and space (for Katie and me)
" Sleeping in
" English speaking people (fluent English)
" Home made Pasta
" Ice cream
" Clean public bathrooms, with toilet paper
" Privacy
" Internet access
" American burgers and fries
" English menus
" Naps in the afternoon
" E-mails from home
" Light-weight backpacks
" Laundromats (conveniently located)
" Accurate maps
" Courteous drivers
" Still water (with no gas!)
" Fresh fruit and vegetables
" Roomy hotels
" Kitchens (with a stove) in our hotel room
" English newspapers and television channels
" Multiple bathrooms in our hotel rooms
" Easy transportation (not connecting with other trains or buses)
" Parks
" Hotels in quiet and convenient areas
" Countries that use the Euro
" Spending at least one week at the same place
" Comfortable beds
" Down time
" Showers with curtains
" Extra sheets and pillows

With just about one third of the first trip completed, I am feeling great. I thought for sure that I would feel exhausted and overwhelmed at this point, but to my surprise I'm not. It's very hard to believe that we only left six weeks ago. I feel like I haven't been home for ages. Although I am excited about getting home, I am really enjoying traveling and learning as much as I am. It feels great to look back at how much we've accomplished in such little time. I am also excited about seeing new and different places. The first shock to us was in Prague. It was really different than anything we have ever seen before. I like getting to a place for the first time and realizing how different it is from the States. It's great when you get to a new city and it turns out to be like nothing like you had expected.